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    We help student-athletes reach the next level of greatness

    Young Detroiter Sport serves the local high school sports community by spotlighting its athletes and models. To take student-athletes to the next level, we use social media, print, and billboards to bring attention to their accomplishments locally and attract universities and endorsements nationwide. We help them shine brighter in their respective sports, in front of the camera, and in the boardroom. Young Detroiter Sport has the following to offer select star athletes, and it’s all free.


    We prepare student-athletes to meet with recruiters and market their name, image, and likeness (NIL)

    They will learn about sports management, public speaking, how to interview, and receive personal styling tips. In addition, YDS will help them compose a sports portfolio that includes their athletic resume, status sheet, reference letter, news articles, and footage.

    Young Detroiter Sport is here to help Detroit prep stars visualize the big picture and help them prepare for their future.


    BIllboard Player of the Year

    Who has what it takes to rise above the city?

    At the end of the varsity football and basketball seasons, the high school athlete with the single most special season will win the Player of the Year award. To acknowledge this fantastic accomplishment, athletes receive a billboard in Detroit, MI featuring their likeness and the title of “Player of the Year.” Just imagine the rush they will experience when showing off their billboard to friends and family. Others will take notice, including influencers and decision-makers.

    Player of The Month

    Who outshined the rest this month?

    We highlight the student-athlete who dominated varsity football or basketball the previous month. Athletes will earn a complementary photoshoot and styling session with our team of stylists and photographers. We will feature winners on our social media channels to recognize their accomplishments next month.

    Social Media Interviews

    If it’s not shared, did it happen?

    A viral basketball or football play on social media can get the local community’s attention and the national spotlight. Student-athletes want college recruiters to see their highlights. A highlight reel can be the x-factor for getting that scholarship to a dream university. We post high school football and basketball highlights in our stories and feeds daily to generate excitement for our bright and gifted young people. In addition, we produce video interviews and montages to generate hype for them and their school. 


    Sports Magazine Feature

    The latest feature of our athletic program

    The more we can highlight our student-athletes, the more attention they will receive. That’s why in addition to our billboard club and player of the month honors, we are launching a sports-focused magazine publication dedicated to Southeast Michigan high school athletics. Our magazine, Sports Illustrator, will be published monthly, free of charge. Its content will feature original columns, articles, and a calendar of local events and games aimed at families in athletics and high school sports fans.


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    Fashion Model, Open Call

    Modeling has become one of this generation’s top 3, if not #1, activities to do! Teens love taking pictures, whether selfies, candid shots, or portraits. That’s why we encourage high school students and athletes to get involved in modeling early. YDS helps teens become part of the photoshoot process, from behind-the-scenes to being the focus of the camera lens.

    Athletic Program Features

    With Young Detroiter Sport, our high-school athletic program takes a multi-faceted approach to showcase student-athletic greatness. We can attract university representatives such as recruiters and scouts, as well as media by boasting about their accomplishments via video, photography, interviews, billboards, and much more.





    What the community is saying about us

    “Thank you sooooo much YDS for giving LJ this opportunity”
    He has sooooo much more potential but we're grateful that you have been in his corner to help others to see it! I just personally wanted you to know that and thank you again for the LOVE YOU HAVE SHOWN MY FAMILY AND MOST IMPORTANTLY OUR SON LJ! You Rock
    Freed Thompson-Parks
    “Continue to recognize and bless our children of the future”
    I wanted to publicly thank you for all you have done and are doing. I salute you from @jalenstayhumble and I
    Coach Holly, ATA Lakers
    “Thank you @Youngdetroitersports for being sooooo supportive”
    I’m sooooo happy for your accomplishment son @_miawavy.j You been working hard your whole football life so you definitely DESERVE THIS ONE HUNNY! I’m gone cry! Player of the year.
    Mrs. Harutek Wyche-El

    Want Prep Sports Stars to Reach New Heights?

    Get them featured on Young Detroiter Sport

    Raising their profile can attract colleges and endorsements.

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